Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Time Line Prior to Start of Blog


  • ERC proposal submitted
  • Reply from the ERC. The proposal is accepted!
  • Resubmission of corrected Description of Work and budget
  • Early discussions with Shy Arkin (then Head of Life Sciences) about opening an experimental lab in the institute
  • Ayelet Rahat joins as a Research Associate
  • Initial space allocation (Wing I, 6th floor)
  • Meetings with Dean, and later HUJI President about lab renovations. Promise from president for budgetary support.

  • We formulate draft renovation "programa"
  • First rounds of meeting with robotics people (Tekan and Perkin Elmer)
  • ERC project officially starts, budget number is open
  • Fixing programa to include heat/electricity spec of different devices
  • Programa is sent to all relevant bodies
  • Initial cost estimate is given by building department
  • Recruitment of internal grant from the ARD toward renovations
  • Recruitment of the rest of cost estimate from HUJI president
  • First round of meetings with electricity, A/C, and water planners and with lab furniture manufacturer
  • Modification of plans to meet requirements raised by the planners
  • Plan approval by Safety Department
  • Planners move to detailed plans
  • Ayelet works at Weizmann using Olympus microscope at the Schuldiner group (through to August)
  • Revised cost estimate according to detailed plans is much higher than initial estimate
  • Meeting to try to reduce cost of renovation
  • Site visits to see Agilent, Tekan, and Perkin Elmer installations
  • Visit to Perkin development site in Hamburg and Olympus site in Munich
  • The option of using Operetta is raised
  • Operetta evaluation in Hamburg
  • We are allocated a temporary space to start activity
  • FACS system ordered
  • Discussion with Ran Nathan (Head of LS Institute) on renovating in new location, approval of tentative plan there
  • Generating orders for lab equipment, consumables, and reagents
  • Order for Singer RoToR
  • Negotiations on Robotics + imaging options
  • Revised programa for the new site is formulated and distributed
  • We decide to forgo Operetta and an order for Olympus ScanR goes out
  • Start of activity at the temporary location
  • FACSCalibur installed
  • New cost estimation for programa in the new site, close to actual budget
  • Request for detailed planning for systems in the new site

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