Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Moran's PHD talk

Today Moran gave her PHD progress talk. This an occasion to celebrate the impressive achievements she made during her time here. (We have few more months until the official farewell, but why skip a chance to celebrate?)

Long silence

This blog has been silent for almost a year. During that time the number of events to report grew and thus the backlog made it harder to restart.

I will not summarize everything that happened. Rather as I report I will try to give proper context.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Three minutes about science

Our training as Scientist is aimed at giving clear, precise and scholarly presentations. Public presentations are often different, as they need to hide many details and fine points, and instead focus on why this is interesting and exciting.

Recently there was a call for a national competition for students to give 3 minute public talks about science. This is the Israeli branch of the FameLab competition.

Our very own Naomi participated in one of the two preliminary competitions. She disappeared from the lab for half a day. When we next met her we learned that she one of finalists that were vote to participate in the national competition.

We immediately asked for a repeat performance. I recorded it with my iPhone. Our version was 3:11, a bit over the target time. It's in Hebrew, so my apologies to non-Hebrew speakers.

Naomi's talk was about the epigenetic inheritance research we published with Ollie Rando's a bit more than a year ago.

Unfortunately, the final competition took place when Naomi was traveling, and so we did not get to see her advance to the international competition.