Thursday, July 1, 2010

Construction of the Second Half has Begun

This week the construction of the second half of the lab has begun.
Because there is a lot of noise and dust, Nir has escaped and left us alone in the lab (and in the dark). Surprisingly, though he is not here, the construction has begun successfully.

This new part will contain three rooms: the office, the robot room and the small kitchen. For now, the construction team has torn down the walls and laid infrastructure for constructing two drywalls that will separate between the new rooms. In addition, they made two halls for new doors that will enable entering and exiting each room without the need to go through the other rooms.

Here are some pictures so that the loyal readers of the blog (including one specific reader, that usually writes it) will know how it looks

The office

The robot room + the kitchen

The door to the robot room

The door to the kitchen

1 comment:

Nir Friedman said...

Hey, I didn't leave you in the dark, I left the light switch on :-)

Glad to see you take the initiative and thanks for keeping the updates going...