Monday, November 15, 2010

Robotic Arm Integration (and other news)

The last week I was away on travel. During the week Shai (from Neotec) together with Avital & Assaf worked on robotic programing and hopefully we will have updates from that front.

In addtion, Udi and Yoram from Neotec manufactured a nice station for handoff between the Tecan Liquid Handling Robot and the KiNEDx robotic arm. Today Shai together with Amir and Moshe (also from neotec) worked on fine tuning the integration of the robotic arm into the Tecan control software.

At the end of the day we managed to film a demonstration in which using EvoWare (the Tecan control software) we can take a plate from the deck of the Tecan to the microscope/hypercyt and back. This means that we made a significant step toward integrating the system.

It is impressive to see the KiNEDx arm in action. Its movements are fast and fluid.

From the movie you will also notice that we hang the plastic curtains that surround the Tecan and keep it clean and sterile. We still need to tailor a hole for the KiNEDx to move through, so for now the enclosure is not complete.

Just to get a sense of the flurry of activity that led to these results, here is a time-lapse of part of that day.

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