Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sooner than expected

Any installation that involves water flowing in pipes is prone for leaks. We got the first one in our robotic room. Much sooner than we would have hoped.

In the middle of a discussion with Assaf I noticed that the ceiling outside my window was "weeping" water .

A quick examination showed that the whole shelve above the window was flooded with water. We tracked this to a leaking pipe in the water-based A/C unit in the robotic room. 

We called the emergency maintenance hotline, and soon someone showed up. He called the person responsible for A/C maintenance who showed up after half an hour. Together they blocked the in & out lines for this unit (and neighboring room) and drained the pipes to avoid additional leakage. 

Update from this morning. The contractor who connected the A/C showed up. The fault was a fracture in valve that connected the old (pre-existing) pipes to the new installation. He replaced the valve, and now we hope that the ordeal is behind us.

For leakage, the damage was quite minimal. We might need paint renewal in few spots, but overall all equipment are intact.


Dwane Zelinsky said...

What's in your "robotic room?" I imagine you having a secret lab or an experimental room in there! I guess water leaks aren't common in that kind of place. It's a good thing you called maintenance right away, after realizing that you couldn't remove the A/C by yourself. One wrong move and you could have easily just busted a pipe or scraped a wall.

Darryl Iorio said...

It’s a good thing that the damage was detected earlier. Whew, thanks to those leaks, since they led you to the real problem. Now that the problem has been solved, I think it’s better to fix the ceiling and do some repainting jobs. I hope that your house has no more problems as of today. =)

Brandon Novak said...

If ever this bubbly ceiling occurs, peel the affected site by using fine-grit sandpaper. When the bubbles are no longer visible, then that’s the time to repaint it. Apply primer to the surface to make sure the paint sticks.

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