Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Spring time in Boston

I got invited by the students of The Computational and Systems Biology program (CSBi) at MIT to give a seminar talk and meet with them. It is a great honor to be chosen by the students. This involved two days of meetings with many interesting people at MIT, especially many of the graduate students in the program.

We had a roundtable lunch discussion where Michelle Chan, who coordinated my visit, led with a series of questions about how to choose career paths, scientific problems, and such. I was somewhat unsure as to my qualifications to answer such questions, but the discussion did raise interesting points.

This was also a chance to catch up with many people at the Boston area. I want to thank Michelle for making intensive effort to get the visit perfectly organized, and making sure that everything works smoothly.

Unlike my previous visit to Boston, the weather was definitely show that spring has arrived, and many of the trees were starting to bloom.

The new courtyard between Biology, CS (the (in)famous Stata Center) and the new Koch Institute (cancer research center)

I had a chance to take an afternoon walk toward Boston

A somewhat curious squirrel in the Botanical gardens

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