Monday, June 6, 2011


Just returned from a week long trip to Germany. It started by a visit to Max Planck Institute for Immunobiology and Epigenetics at Freiburg to attend a one day workshop on Chromatin. After the talks the hosts took us to a nice resto-bar where there was a long and lively scientific discussion over beer, schnitzel and white asparagus.

The next morning, it was raining, but I went on a brief walk in Frieburg's old town.

Afterwards, I continued to Heidelberg to attend the EMBL Chromatin and Epigenetics meeting. This was a four and half day meeting with a lot of interesting talks and  discussions with people. 

The meeting was held in an impressive new training center at EMBL's campus on the hills above Heidelberg. It is built as a double helix, and so there are no floors, but rather helical ramp ways all around.

I also took a half day off to go bike riding in the area and had few hours to visit the famous Schloss.

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