Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Bubbles away - Moran's sendoff party

As you might recall, Moran is trying to finish her PHD soon. In fact, she already got plane tickets to Boston. This week she had two causes for celebration. First, she handed in her dissertation. Yay!

Second, we had a sendoff party. Its a bit early, but since it was the only time when all the relevant people are in Israel,  she had it today.

Moran, being Moran, organized a party with all the lab alumni that overlapped with her and are still in Israel. She and Liron (her husband) organized activities to match the festivities.

And so we found ourselves on the lawn of the university, on the late afternoon of a relatively hot day blowing huge bubbles. Everyone had tons of fun, and we attracted a lot of attention from the passing students.

It was impressive to see the large number of people that were related to the lab at some point in the last few years. 



Merav & Avital

Michal C. & Alon

Michal R.
Inbar (hiding beyond her camera)



It was even more impressive to see the large number of children at various ages.
Oren & Liron (Moran's family)

Daniela & Ariel (Naomi's)
Oren, back in the action
Naomi, Ariel & Daniela

Marek & daughter

Tal showing off the latest acquisition


Michal (Matan's) checking the food
Matan, preparing Michal for the circus
Tal, Amit, and Shachr (Inbar's)

Maya (Matan's)

Each of us brought something to eat and drink, and so we had a nice selection. 

Moran, who is known for her cooking/baking passion, outdid everyone with a fancy desert.

Thankfully, the official speech ceremony was short [I think I was ok ;-)]

Moran, ready for battle!
Ayelet in the background

Before breaking up the party, we managed to get a group picture together.

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