Thursday, June 17, 2010

Acceptance Tests

Today we had a semi-celebratory event. We performed acceptance tests for the lab. This involved all the contractors, planners, and various university representatives that showed up to examine the work and make a list of accept/reject.

Early in the morning various crews showed up for last minute touches. The electricity folks were in a good mood while testing each circuit breaker.

In the meanwhile the construction workers continued to work on the small Yeast Mating room.

At 10am people started to show up at the lab.

Some of the checks were very thorough and involved detailed examination of every pipe and faucet.

We tested the A/C heating function and nearly suffocated from the heat.

At times the place seemed like a cocktail party.

One of the tests involved the emergency circuit breaker.

There were arguments as to the language on the breaker. And, as expected by some, it did not work the first time around.

Some of the rejects we had

* We didn't have a phone line
* The hot water boiler was leaking and not tightly connected to the beam (!)
* The fire alarm detector system was not properly connected and so couldn't be tested
* The electricity ports below the computer benches are too bulky and could cause knee damage

Most of these will be fixed by Sunday. And so we are about to move into the lab next week!

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