Friday, December 17, 2010

Ariel sendoff

In quick succession of event, we moved from a lab retreat to a goodbye event to Ariel, who is going to Stanford to start his postdoctoral fellowship.

Ariel was a joint student of Hanah Margalit and myself, it was a great excuse to have the two groups meet together for a social event. We met in a nice pine grove in Jerusalem.

After a while we started a small BBQ to prepare hamburgers. Assaf, Jenia and Tal found themselves rotating as chief cooks.

In the meantime we all had a pleasant time.

Toward the end of the event we managed to embarrass the guest of honor by ceremonial goodbye speeches.

Clearly, Ariel was a leader in the group and one of the steadfast members who brought knowledge, critique, and useful suggestion to every interaction. We are sure he will have great success abroad, and already waiting for him to visit us.

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