Monday, December 27, 2010

Cameras and labels

We are slowly starting to check off the various little details that make a lab functional. Today we had two new improvements in the lab.

First, after long delays, we finally got proper printable labels, and Ayelet set off on the task of putting labels on drawers and cabinet doors. The long searches for where someone has placed a particular item will hopefully be easier now.

In the robot room we installed two IP webcams. These monitor the main Tecan stage and the peripheral area of the microscope and HyperCyt. We now need to hook these to a recording software so we can also browse back in time.

Here we see one of the cameras (the one watching the Tecan) and a view on the screen from the second one that watches the KiNEDx and peripheral devices.

This type of monitoring is important as we are starting to run the robot overnight and want to be able to analyze what went wrong if something does go wrong. Moreover, it will allow remote examination of the system when one of us is not around.

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