Sunday, May 22, 2011

New furniture

The remaining open item in our lab renovation was furniture for the common kitchen/meeting room and for the offices. Since we were not sure about the amount of surplus budget, we left these for later stages of the renovation. 

Once the major experimental areas were finished, we started on this mini-project. As usual, the planning stage took longer than expected, and then we had to get quotes, issue a purchase order, and wait for the carpenter to make the furniture. 

Last week this process ended, and Benny our carpenter showed up to install the furniture. As part of the renovation of the kitchen he also had help in installing new kitchen top and sink. 

The end result was a brand new room with much nicer table to sit around, areas for storage, and kitchen top for the coffee machine and water dispenser. Below the counter there is a place for several refrigerators so that each group can keep its own stuff separately.

On his next visit Benny installed the office (when I was away for the retreat). The new office design looks much better and provides area to sit and work. 

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Anonymous said...

Where is the cute little red coffee machine? do you have a new one?
And I see that the paper birds you once made for me are still decorating the office... hmm... maybe I should have taken them with me.. ;-)