Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Renovations update

The last two weeks I have been mostly busy with start-of-semester issues, various committees, meeting with students, and such. At the same time the renovation work has continued in its own pace.

Yesterday the workers were busy in the last stage in building(?) the floor. They put a special cement to seal the gaps between the tiles.

This morning the floor was clean and done. The workers already put protective surfaces (dry wall sheets) along the windows to protect the floor during the installation of the  A/C units and replacement of the window panes. The only missing part in the floor are the two tiles in the entry way. They will be installed only after the door frame is rebuilt.

On other fronts, we now have an A/C contractor. I am still unsure as to when he will start the operations (we are still waiting for an electricity contractor), but this is a good sign.

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