Thursday, March 11, 2010

Short renovations update - another meeting

The progress of the renovations is measured by meetings, each one bringing us a bit closer to the end of the road. Nothing is done until it is chewed upon from all directions.

Today we had another meeting with Itsik and Eyal (no pictures). We went over the comments on the revised furniture plans (after the first round of comments). This should be the final specification for the first stage of the lab.

Then we talked about the expected schedule for completion of this first stage. The current prediction is somewhere in May. This means that the second stage will take another 1-2 months after that. I got to place where I am not upset about these things, just try to make sure that everything progresses forward. I wonder whether this is giving up, or growing up.

Finally we talked about the plans for the second stage. We made some progress in defining what we want, and it seems that our plans for the robotic room are doable. Next we will move to more refined definition of the furniture (coming up soon).

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