Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some lab updates

So its been a while since I had updates from the lab. The main reason is that things are going slow and I don't spend that much time there.

Nonetheless, few updates and some images. We finally got our very own ice-buckets (for some reason our lab-ware supplier had these in backorder for two months).

We are also testing a PCR machine. We got an offer to buy a machine from a reletatively unknown vendor that has good specs. To get a sense for it, we got a demo machine installed in our lab.

One of the nice features of this PCR machine is that has a detachable block, and so it can be either a 96-well block (for a full plate PCR or many reactions) or two 48-well blocks, allowing to run two reactions in parallel.

Next week we will get another machine for a demo, and then we will decide which one to keep.

As part of our work we often have to grow bacteria or yeast in colonies. When starting with very small amount of cells that can grow on the media, we often want to spread them on the plate. The common way of doing so is with a bunch of sterile beads. You pour some onto the agar

and then add the bateria dilluted in water (or liquid media)

and shake well.

After wards we discard the beads into a collection bottle for recycling, and move the plate to incubator for overnight growth.

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