Friday, April 23, 2010

Ceiling, Pipes, Electricity and -80C

The work on the renovation is moving forward in a quick pace. The last few days three teams worked in parallel.

The first put in the ceiling

At this stage the ceiling does not have any features. Later on the electricians will cut in holes for lights, and the A/C people will add vents.

The AC people started preparing the room for the fancoils that will provide hot and cold air from the university hot/cold water system. They cut and welded the pipes and then installed.

Finally, the electricity people continued working on setting up the electricity panels along the walls.

Most of the work on the room will be finished this week.

The furniture is scheduled to be installed in two weeks. The only remaining item is setting up the electricity board. It turns out that the configuration of the board needs to be approved, and only after that it will be ordered. The plans were submitted to approval today and they expect the electricity board finished and wired up in about 5 weeks. This means that the industrious work on the renovation will stand still for three-four weeks. This means that right now we expect to move into the first stage lab only in mid June (wow...)

On another front, we received today our -80C freezer.

This huge beast barely fit in the space we designated for it, and we will have to shorten the table next to it, so that we will have enough space to open the door.

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