Sunday, April 4, 2010

Hot Water? Story of a red pipe

As the work progresses various surprises pop up. As I reported before, we had the water pipes installed all along the lab.

A very prominent pipe is the thick red one. This is the hot water pipe that runs along our lab from the peer on the one end of the lab and into the next one. It is thick because it is covered by insulation sleeves.

In the middle of the room there is a branch point where a branch goes down below the floor and out the other side of the room to connect to where we will have a sink.

Last week there was a site visit by the maintenance people. They pointed out that although the building has a hot water system (i.e., a dedicated set of pipes through all the labs), there is no supply of hot water, and in fact it will probably will never be supplied (I didn't get into the details of why).

So it turns out that this nice pipe is for naught, and we need to install electric water heating system in this room (and the other ones) for local supply of water.

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