Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Window sills, cables, and agar plates

News from today.

Our alumnium sub-constructor came in yesterday and installed the two missing windows, and also installed a new nice window sill below them.

The electricity sub-contractor came in last week and finished laying down all the electricity cables. We now have thick green cables running on wireframe shelves along the ceiling and then entering the large panel of tubes to make their way down to the level of the furniture.

In addition they left cables hanging from the ceiling, these will lead into the light bulbs.

The same guys also installed airvents to take airs from the building "fresh air" system into the room (and filter it on the way).

The building people closed off all the tubes and already painted most of them. They also were building a drywall panel to form a wall above the windows.

In addition, you might remember Drorit, who is helping us with chores. Today Ayelet start teaching her to prepare agar plate. She proved to be a very quick learner, so soon we will have help on day to day lab chores.

And as a nice bonus, we got to see a colorful sunset today.

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