Tuesday, May 4, 2010

50 Years' Celebration

No, I am not fifty, yet. This year is the 50th year jubilee of the Israeli Academy of Sciences and Humanities. As part of the celebration they held this week a conference in "Frontiers in Biomedical Research". The list of distinguished speakers included Ada Yonath, Mary-Claire King, and many others.

I had to rush from one thing to the next this week, but managed to get to hear (the end of) Ada Yonth's talk, and these by Matthias Mann, Leroy Hood, and Eric Lander.

Eric gave another talk on Weizmann on Tuesday and I encouraged all my students (and my mother) to go hear him, as he one of the better promoters of the biological revolution in genetics and genomics. In both venues the hall was too small for the audience. At the Weizmann people were sitting in the stairways, below the stage, and some on the stage. Definitely and impressive turn out.

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