Thursday, May 6, 2010


I have been writing a lot about the renovations in the lab. In fact, one reader commented that he thought all we do right now is watch the workers go about building the lab. Although this is not precise, and there is a lot of experimental activity, the renovations are something that takes attention and also makes easily observable progress.

Since I last wrote about the renovations, many things have happened.

The electricity people finished laying down the fixtures all along the walls. We had our own hot water system installed.

A carpenter came with his crew and installed covers over the A/C units

and a new door.

In parallel, another worker installed a state of the art fire alarm system.

On Tuesday a cleaning crew came in and removed all the waste and the dust.

It is instructive to compare to an image I took from a similar angle at the beginning of the work

And finally, on Wednesday the lab furniture crew arrived. I got an excited text message from Ayelet that they are here and came over. The the corridors outside the lab were full of hardware and cabinets.

In a very intense effort by a large team they started assembling the benches, the hood, and the sink.

Few hours later the bench tops were being secured in place.

This morning we came over and the shelves were being installed.

We were curious whether the desks were specious enough. So we took a computer and a chair and tested the desk.

Ayelet decreed that this was a success. Later toward mid-day, the workers finished with the furniture and moved to connect the electricity cables.

Now we are almost done with the first phase of renovations. The missing parts are the light fixtures, and the main electricity board.

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