Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Cinco de Mayo

Most people here did not hear about Cinco de Mayo, but still we had a celebration - today was the Faculty Day of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

As part of the tradition of the event students show off their research in a poster competition. For some reason every year this event is in weather that is slightly too hot. The faculty set up a big tent to shield from the sun. This is nice, but as the tent is blue, everyone inside has an Avatar-like tint. Although I came in a bit late due to a meeting at the School of Medicine, the place we full of people, faculty and students. It was nice to get a chance to see what other research groups are doing.

As is our own private tradition, my group was well represented. In fact, close to half of the CS posers were ours.

 (Ruty explains her most recent work to Shai Shalev-Swartz)

We had a fun visitor - Inbar passed by to show off the latest toy and encourage the poster presenter.

For some reason Tal finished his poster rather late into the event. To keep people on the edge, his poster was constructed in stage, with interesting delays to enhance the curiosity.

Another tradition we have is winning one of the poster prizes.  Tal's tactics did not win the judges' attention. Instead, using good science and nice explanations, Noa brought in the prize (2nd overall in the all faculty). Horay Noa!


(A potential judge examining Noa's poster)

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