Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Excitment and Disappointments

This morning we met with Eyal, the renovations supervisor. We learned that tomorrow we the electricity board will be connected, and that following that it will a take a week to test all the systems, repair minor issues, and then declare the lab ready for work. We already started to setup the steps needed to move all the equipment to the new lab, and set a date for end of the move.

Later in the morning, we learned that some of our neighboring labs were upset due to the planned disruption in electricity (to connect our board the next level of electricity boards has to be turned off). Turns out that a two-week long experiment will be ruined if the electricity will be cut. We learned to our surprise that although the move was coordinated it was done with a two day warning and that the affected labs didn't hear about it until one day ahead.

Consequently, the planned connection was delayed. The electricity contractor was booked in advanced, and so the next date that he could do it is in two weeks (June 8th). And so, due to poor coordination between the relevant parties, the project is delayed by a bit more than two weeks.

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