Monday, January 11, 2010

Handiman at work

After installing the Singer RoToR we realized that we don't have tabletop area around it for putting plates while operating the robot. Since in the future we plan to copy dozens of plates in one go this is a problem.

Luckily the old benches we have in the temporary lab have extension surfaces. These right now are placed in an usable location. So, we decided that we can move a couple next to the RoToR.

Yesterday I bought a toolkit (screwdrivers, pliers, hammer, and the works) and a small rechargeable driver. I disassembled the shleves and wanted to install them in the new location. Unfortunately, the bench where the Singer is has different frame than the other benches and so the pieces I disassembled did not match.

Today I brought a saw from home, and cut the pieces to the correct length. After an hour of work we had two retractable shelves next to the RoToR.

(you also can see the new color printer next to the RoToR robot).

To celebrate the achievement, I took pictures of the final product with a funky camera app on the iPhone.

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