Sunday, January 3, 2010

Incu Incu Incubator

In the endless list of equipment that one needs to run a yeast lab, the incubator plays a special role. It is crucial for growing yeast! and what would a yeast lab if you cannot grow yeast. After much hesitation we decided to buy a large one that contains both shaking tray and space for revolving wheel. It arrived last week and today it was installed.

After some work (which turned out to happen in unnecessary hard way) we managed to bring the incubator to its designated place and land it there. The tech, after finding out the hard way that only some of the plugs in the wall carry electricity (!), managed to get the incubator working, and now we can keep 30C samples going.

One a less happy note, Ayelet retrieved the plates that we poured last week from the hotroom. Quite  a few of them had nasty contaminations.

This means we have to go back to our pouring strategy and figure better sterile technique. We might also consider a sterile chamber for pouring as this is going to be a big issue for us.

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