Friday, January 22, 2010

Quick update(s)

So there haven't been much new recently, but some updates.

If you remember, last time we discussed agar plates, we did a test with a bunch of plates where we UV exposed half, and used the others straight from the box. It seems that all of them did not have contamination. This good, as we have plates we can use, but leaves the question of contamination wide open. Currently, the theory is that there might be days where the air in the lab is cleaner? or maybe certain batches of plates are better sterilized. In any event, to be on the safe side, we had the A/C people come in and clean the air-conditioner filters (they were supposed to do it before we moved in, but apparently didn't).

Another problem we had was plate drying. We switched to using the 30C hot-room (two floors up), and we do not have any dryness problems. We are trying to check with the incubator supplier if there is something we can fix in the incubator, or we will replace it by a less aggressive one.

On other fronts, we had a microscope training on Tuesday. I will expand on how the microscope is built and how it works in a future entry, as we need more rounds of photography for that. I am going on a one week vacation and so will report on progress when I return.

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