Thursday, January 14, 2010

Renovations update

A short update on renovations. Or more precisely plans for renovations. I met today with Itsik and Eyal to go over the plans. We discussed the types of floor, windows, ceiling, and other such matters.

It seems that here the plan is more less what we want and there isn't much to change or cut costs. We can cut some cost by leaving the current doors intact.

The main point of the discussion was regarding electricity. Our current plan has space for two electricity boards (one for each room) of about 120cm width. There two issues with this. First, outside our lab mounted in the corridor is an electricity board of a cold room, that no one wants to touch. So we cannot touch that wall. Moreover, due to standards electricity boards we might need wider board. If we want to have the electricity main switch accessible from outside the lab this presents a problem.

We discussed several solutions and the pros/cons of each, and at the bottom line we are waiting for clarification from the electricity planner on the precise size needed and for Itsik to check the feasibility of two alternative. 

The good news is that there are three current proposals from contractors for this part, and so soon we will have a contractor that can start some of the works. In parallel the order for the furniture is going out, and so we should soon have detailed plans of the furniture for our approval prior to their manufacturing.

We did a quick tour of the neighboring lab where the first round of renovations will start.

 It is a bit desolate right now, but will turn into a new lab hopefully in no time.

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