Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Scan^R is here....

Today at 7:30 Ayelet got a call from a delivery person that he is waiting for her with a bunch of boxes.
By 9am when I arrived Dimitry from Eisenberg Brothers was busy setting up the Scan^R - our new automated microscope system. Here are the boxes that were still unopened at that stage:

The basis for the system is a regular (advanced) microscope body

with objectives (lenses) like the ones we had when we were kids (but of somewhat better quality)

The main heart of the system is the light source, sets of filter wheels for fluorescence imaging, high quality camera, and automated stage (that can move very precisely). Most of the components are "ours" but some (like the objectives above) are from demos until ours arrive.

When Dimitry started to assumble the light source we realized that we have a problem with the optic fiber cable that connects the light source and the microscope. We decided that instead of having it in front of the storage cabinets we need to rearrange the room

Finally, the system is built and actually works. We still need to get the computer monitors (two), and few other gadgets.

Thursday will be our first training session and then I will give more details about this amazing system.

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