Monday, January 11, 2010

We are online

One of the handicaps for working in the lab was the limited network access here. After consultations with the Computer Science system experts we decided to set the lab computers as remote extension of the CS environment. This will allow us to store data and analyses  on the CS servers and to access it in the same manner from both wet and dry labs.

During the last few days equipment started to arrive. We now have two computers, a docking station for laptop, and a printer. Here is a picture of "iWet-01":

More important are the behind the scenes developments. These involve a new fiber optic cable from the life sciences building to the computer science building, combined with the appropriate switches these will make us feel as though we we are sitting in the CS building.


Tommy said...

to protect iWet, iSuggest to use iSkin.

Nir Friedman said...