Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Busy busy day (Robots, FACS, cabinets and sinks)

So another one of these crazy days. So what did we have today.

* David and Ariel from Merkel Technologies came to move the FACS and HyperCyt into the new robotic room (see movie).

* Udi and Shy from NeoTec continued installing the KiNEDx robotic arm. They managed to move a plate from the Tecan to the microscope and back (see movie again).

* We had our first wet-lab group meeting in the room next to robotic room. The furnishing need some work, but the room is usable.


* Yoel, the carpenter from "Wooden Horse" (סוס עץ) brought the new storage cabinets/lockers for the corridor. He also brough cabinets for the robotic room, which made it interesting to work there for a while. The workmanship of the new cabinet was impressive.

* The plumbers came to install a water heater in small yeast preparation room. They also finished the sink in the robotic room.

* We had a regular group meeting in the CS building as well :-)

* And most importantly, Yael came to visit the lab to approve it.

And movie of some of the installation around the robot.... Note the sequence at the end where the arm moves the plate from Tecan to Microscope.

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