Monday, October 4, 2010

Lab Party!

The holidays are over, and everyone gathered back from the four corners of the earth they dispersed to. To celebrate the start of a new year we had a party. The theme was Italian Food.

Ariel made fresh fettuccine in three colors.

Moran, who just returned from Italy, made pizza dough and baked a series of fresh pizza on the premises. One problem is that by the time the pizza tray left the kitchen it was mostly empty, as the smell of the pizza coming out of the oven lured people to come and "taste" the creation.

We set up a WII station in the yard, and although the screen was far from perfect (a tablecloth) we did see some heated action.

The less happy part of the event was to say goodbye to few people. Ruty and Aharon who are finishing their M.Sc. and continuing to other things, and Ohad and Julia who finished their B.Sc. project with us. 

The dessert table was exciting and managed to cheer everyone up. 

We had a surprise appearance by Matan, a lab alumni, who showed his powers and cradled babies. 

And we ended the evening with an optimistic smile.

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