Thursday, October 21, 2010

Microscope, Robotics, Tables, and a Window

So the big day has arrived. Today the robot is finally moving into our hands. Things did not turn out exactly as planned.
The day started early, with Dimitry from the Eisenberg Brothers who came in to move the microscope from the molecular lab to its new station in the robotic room.

While Dimitry was moving things, a nice guy from the communication department showed up to talk about connecting the ethernet ports in the new room. I then got a long phone call from a collaborator.

A bit later, Udi Oz from Neotec and his crew showed up. They brought the Peak Robotics arm. As they started working, Danny from the computer system showed up to talk about communications and potential place to put wireless. 

Then Michel the carpenter suddenly came in to ask which doors need safety stops. As he was talking to me the Neotec people realized there is a problem with the new tables for the robot. They were not flat, and the rail for the robot arm was not sitting properly because of that.

We started consultation as to what to do about that when the delivery truck with the robot showed. The huge robot box almost blocked the corridor. 

But since the tables are not flat, we had to move to a side area so traffic will not be jammed.

As we were doing this the aluminum profile person showed up and took the temporary window in the robotic room. Michel came in and tried to see if he can help us with the tables. In the end we decided to wait until the PVPlast team shows up and fix the issues. 

Just to get a sense of the problematic aspect here, we took pictures of a straight piece of wood as one end was touching the table, the other is seen to be far from it.

These events were squeezed into five intense hours. Just to get a sense, here is a time-lapse movie of this part of the day.

This left me a bit of time to talk some issues with Udi, grab a sandwich and go to group meeting. On returning we found out that the new window is installed.

It has integrated shades inside, between two glass panels, and so allows to close or open the window easily.

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