Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Clean Tent

One of the main worries regarding the robotic setup is contamination from the environment. Since the robot works with media and open plates, such contamination can ruin many experiments. We started by thinking of housing the robot in a clean room. This however was very expensive and would require harsh operating conditions. The solution we came up with is to have the robotic room over-pressurized, so that dust and contaminants are pushed out. In addition, the robot parts that involve sterile work will be housed inside a "clean tent".

Today the tent arrived, in pieces.

The technicians quickly assembled the heavy aluminum framework (which was interesting to watch).

Then they loaded on top of it the filter units. 

Each unit filters air through a series of filters and pushes it downwards. As a result the insides of the tent are continually "washed" by very clean air and kept clean. To close off the relevant volume, the tent has plastic sheet flaps that allow access inside but keep the bulk of the clean air going down in a laminar flow.

The next week the tables and benches for the robot will be installed, and then the stage will be set for the main player.

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