Monday, October 18, 2010

New Office

We are still waiting for the robot. It seems that the air-delivery company had problems getting it on the planned flight, and so it is delayed. As far as I understand it landed in Israel today or will land tomorrow. We hope to see it by Thursday.

In the mean time, we finally got locks on the doors of the new part of the lab. This means that we can start using the room. One of them is a small office for myself or Ayelet. For the next few months I will be using it most of the the time. 

The office is very small 2.5m x 2.5m. But it has two big external windows with light, and a large window into the robot room. For now the furniture in the office is really minimal. I already used for a conference call to the States and for few discussions (one even involving three of us) and it was fine.

From the robotics room the office looks like that. 

The sharp of eye will note that the window between the rooms does not look finish. This is a temporary window that will be replaced with a double glazed window that can be shaded for privacy or when we want to limit the light in the robotic room.

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