Sunday, October 24, 2010

Flat Out Tables

And so the Saga continues. We still don't have a robot installed. It was a relief to find it waiting in the corridor in the morning. Or as Moran said, the good news it is still there (no one took it) and the bad news is that it is still there (no one installed it).

The crew from PVPlast who were supposed to fix the tables got stuck on the climb to Jerusalem. They managed to get here by re-filling the car heating system with water. When they got here it took a while to convince them that there was an issue, and then how to solve it.

In the end, we to go through several rounds of examining the tables with a long metal ruler until I approved their work. This took three hours and by then it was clear that the robot installation is not going to go as planned.

I give you the "dance of the flat tables"

On other news, we had Ariel, a dedicated reader of the Blog, visit in person. To make sure this is not lost on the crowd here is the relevant images from the movie.

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