Thursday, February 25, 2010

Benches - Design and Color (+ renovations update)

We started the day with a marathon meeting with the representative of PVPlast, the company that will make our lab furniture (benches, desks, etc.).

We went over every little detail in the plans for the first stage (molecular lab) furniture.

This kind of discussions tend to prolong, as everyone wants to make sure that there are no mistakes. Turns out that there were few mis-communications (e.g., the PVPlast people did not plan electricity outlets).

In the end we got to a summary that I believe is good set of decisions, and so we are on our way to having a simple and functional laboratory.

Then we moved to the much harder decision of color combination. After much debate, we decided to go with light gray bench tops, dark gray color for the steel elements (legs, and shelf holders), and very light cream/off-white color for the desk tops, and vertical surfaces. Here are these color choices with the sample of the floor tiles.

As usual it is very hard to visualize how this will look in the end. I hope this choice will provide a nice but not too assertive environment. We will add color by lab ware,  devices,  and possibly chairs.

Ayelet was very happy after the choice was completed.

In other renovation updates. The workers finished laying the frame for the ceiling.


They also finished closing the drywall for the electricity board (double layer of drywall with insulation in between).

Later today we had an incident where the workers used a saw to cut some thick metal pipes or frames (I am not sure what). This raised a lot of smoke and ash that quickly spread to the surrounding labs. This lead to justified irritation by all our neighbors. It also showed how easily microparticles travel between labs in this building.

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