Monday, February 15, 2010

Renovation update

So now that the work is starting to move forward at a growing pace, we will start to have more updates.

Last Friday the workers removed the benches and stripped the floor in the room to be renovated, and yesterday they started dismantling various pipes.

Today a fellow came in and painted the ceiling (?!), while few others took down the old A/C equipment.

More interestingly, we had to make a choice today about the tiles for the lab. The contractor brought several samples, and we put them in the current lab to see them in the light.

As you can see the choice was between gray colors and beige ones. In each category there were several shades and textures. One of our worries was how do small stains show up on the tile. Basically, because cleaning is done on a weekly basis, lab floors can get quite dirty. To test the performance of the different tiles we sprayed them with water (DDW) and then marched around on all of them in a circle to work some marks onto the surface.


In the end we choose a gray tile that hopefully will give the place a nice color balance.

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