Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Here come the ceilings

The renovation in the lab continues. The workers started to prepare the framework for putting in the lab ceiling. This involves metal frame and drywall construction. They also sealed all the wholes in the top part of the lab and removed much of the old pipes throughout the lab (the pipes you see in the picture below the windows are temporary bypasses).

The hole in the wall is no built from drywall and ready for the electricity contractor.

At the same time outside workers repaired the exterior of the building (nothing to do with the renovations). This involved a lot drilling and hammering, which made tons of noise. In the middle of this mayham, some of us continued to work.

(I on the other hand, spent the whole day in committee meetings and one-to-one meeting with undergraduates)

P.S. Today we had an amazing morning sky. Combined with the blooming trees all around, makes for a great view. This picture was taken in the parking lot outside our lab.


Matan Ninio said...

Good picture! Looks almost like a painting.

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