Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Singer RoToR troubles (follow up)

Yesterday I wrote about the Singer going into problematic state. I wrote a long email to support at Singer Instruments, and connected over the internet with Ian (who installed the machine) to try to fix the problem.

This was quite interesting as he connected by remote control and enabled windows that reported on the inner working of the software (sensor values and such). It took us a while, but he established that the sensor on the gripper head are not working properly and thus it cannot lift up pads.

To make a long story short, we found out that when we tried to clean the gripper head we had to disconnect the cables leading to it, and in doing so we tried to untwist them and managed to tear up the wires.

This raised a problem of how to fix the cable. Ian suggested he will ship a new one, and I promised to look for help from local electricians. I called Danny at the System Group here in HUJI, and he and Dima showed up with solder tool. In no time Dima managed to reconnect the plug and it looked like new.

We called Ian again and went through the test procedures. This time things were working fine. He tuned the parameters to make the robot less prone to the intermident problems it had last week.

In conclusion the Singer is back online, and we hope it will continue to behave nicely.

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