Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Singer RoToR troubles

I promised to write of our successes and setbacks. Well, we had a bit of a setback the last week.

Remember the Singer RoToR colony handling robot that we are so proud of? Well, we (that is Ayelet) started using it for real last week and we started having problems. It started with small issues, where one of the plate lifting arm was not functioning well. Whenever this happened, the run had to be aborted. Apparently, the abort-run software function did not do a complete reset, as after the reset the robot worked as though it had a pad on, and crashed its head into a plate with 384 colonies. Needless to say that the plate is not usable, but more seriously the whole pad-loading head was full of yeast and agar.

Today we decided to try to go through the steps slowly and see if the problem repeats itself. We found that the robot was not succeeding in going through the first initialization where it counts the number of pads in the pad drawer.

We contacted the company and hopefully they will get back to us soon.

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