Sunday, February 14, 2010

New arrival

Today we added another device to our equipment room. Amir from Neotec showed up with a big box.

He installed a Plate Reader - a type of spectrophotometer that can measure multiple points in a multi-well plate. This is useful for many  types of assays. We will use it most often for measuring cell density in each well, and eventually it will be integrated into the robotic platform to be used automatically during the large assays.

As you can see we have space problems, and so the new plate reader was installed on top of a temporary cabinet. Not the most dignified position, but it will do for now.

On another matter, Moran continued her tradition of baking a cake for every submitted manuscript. Today she showed up with a strawberry cheesecake, which was very beautiful and also quite tasty. (It goes without saying that we encourage Moran to submit more manuscripts.)

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inbar said...


I was there - how come I didn't get any cake???