Wednesday, February 10, 2010

MasterClave (continued)

In the last entry on the MasterClave we skipped the plate pouring step. Today I managed to get some pictures (with the help of Avital) and so we can complete the story.

As you remember, we "cook" the media in the MasterClave. Once the agar is ready, can hook in a hose that sips into the hot agar mix. The hose is pre-sterilized and so does not introduce contamination.

The hose is then hooked into a pump that allows us to pump the media through the hose. The pump is calibrated so that every press on a foot pedal pumps a desired amount of agar.

This means that pouring a stack of plates is done rapidly. We do not need to open the plate completely (for comparison recall that in manual pouring we remove the lid) , and moreover the amount of agar in each plate is uniform and delivered at a constant temperature.

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